The Food Bouquet Vol. 2

Art Direction, Branding, Interior Design

The Food Bouquet is a newly established vegan bakery and organic foods brand in Monterrey, Mexico, specialized in generating wholesome and gluten free treats among other culinary products for healthy living. TFB’s brand concept stems from within the carefully selected ingredients and meticulously formulated recipes based on flower infusions.

We believe that both, food and design when combined hold extraordinary potential for expression. So our mission was not only to generate a brand that would emphasize the organic and vegan nature while also evoking the delicacy, sophistication and subtlety of TFB’s fine bakery, but use design as a means to enhance a highly sensorial experience.

French elegance typically associated with florists was the primary element integrated to outline the “bouquet” aspect of the brand. Hence, the use of a script typography combined with a clean sans serif typeface to provide a sophisticated yet modern vibe.

Materials used for product packaging and branding range form wood, glass and porcelain to kraft and recycled paper textures for a contrast with clean, simple and subtle graphic interventions. Tito Mariátegui was here.

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