Clik Jobs — Enhance App Design and Functionality

Refreshed app design, developed a new visual design language, and provided a significant competitive advantage.

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Clik, a specialist software company for the field service and construction industry hired me as a designer to improve the Clik Jobs mobile app. My application design expertise helped to strengthen their leadership in app development for field services and construction businesses.

I accomplished this through designing the app to the following principles: Enhancing user engagement, increasing business efficiency, promoting usability, and making the app accessible and inclusive. This was all accomplished in a short timeframe, with a limited budget.

About Clik

Clik are a software company that sells mobile applications and systems for the construction and field services industries. They provide powerful, easy-to-use software to help manage field service calls, assist engineers and technicians with completing jobs, provide supervisor oversight and help everyone with administration.

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Why Clik Hired Me as a Designer

Clik lacked in-house design expertise. They wanted a designer who had experience working on mobile apps and services, with a focus on end users. They also needed someone who could work to tight timescales, flexible requirements, and who could closely collaborate with their in-house developers.

Goals for the Clik Jobs Application

Clik had some clear design goals for the Clik Jobs application refresh:

  • Retain a high level of satisfaction with the Clik Jobs app so it continues to lead in its niche.
  • Increase engagement and boost efficiency for all users, especially those without a development background, like field service engineers.
  • Identify and resolve issues and gaps in app functionality and usability.
  • Focus on a more complete, inclusive, and accessible user experience.

It was important to balance any improvements to the app with previous development and lessons learned — this involved changing key parts of the application, together with refining the areas that were already working well.